Market Timing Indicator

Overall Market Timing Indicator Score

6 / 6

Market Timing Indicator Components

These elements make up the overall Market Timing Indicator Score

On Balance Volume


Count of 52-Week Highs


Short-Term Positive Market Uptrend #1


Short Term Positive Market Uptrend #2


Long Term Positive Market Uptrend


Institutional Buying Indicator


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I use my market timing index (MTI) as a guide to help me trade the Nasdaq.  When my indicator reads a 4 or more for two days in a row I go long the Nasdaq.  [...]

Second Day of Above 4 Score – Getting Back into the Market

All the MTI indicators turned green today and that means that tomorrow I am going to wade into the market.  Since the T2018 is not close to overbought territory yet (that happens between 75 and [...]

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Solid Reversal But One Day Does Not Make a Trend

That was a strong day in the market.  From time to time I see days like this with the MTI, where it goes from a score of 0 to a score of 4, 5, or [...]

In Cash and Not Trusting this Market

My Market Timing Index (MTI) is at zero, which means that I am in cash in my speculative trading account.  I don't plan on adding anything until things pick a direction.  This choppiness is just [...]

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The Indicators I Use to Build My Market Timing Index

Welcome Since this blog is new (well a re-framed site) I thought I should start with a brief introduction of what I am doing here.  This site is a journal of sorts - one that [...]

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Why I Don’t Trust an All Index Fund Portfolio

I have been able to fight off the big mainstream investment brainwashing out there about the pros of investing in mutual funds. That was easy (from the 2014 SPIVA U.S. Scorecard): “Based on data as [...]