Trading Plan: Robotic Investing Mission & Goals

Trading Plan: Robotic Investing Mission & Goals

July 28, 2018 2 By Jeremy


Trading Plan: Robotic Investing Mission & Goals

This is post #1 in a series of posts outlining my Robotic Investing Trading Plan.  This is based on the Van K. Tharp business plan methodology as outlined in:

Robotic Investing Mission Statement

My mission statement is the real motivation for my investment and trading plan; it is why I do what I do with my investment accounts.  All decisions related to the strategies I use and how I manage the portfolio must serve the mission statement.  For every decision, I ask myself, “Is the change or activity proposed critical to the mission of my portfolio.”  If not, then I don’t do it.

Here is the mission statement for Robotic Investing:

To create enough passive income from my investment accounts to cover all my expenses (living + fun) in retirement.

If you ever see me doing something on this blog that is in antithesis to this statement, please let me know!

Robotic Investing Goals & Objectives

In order to achieve this mission, I have a couple goals and objectives that drive me towards achievement of this mission.  These objectives are specific to me, and will point me in the right direction in order to live up to my mission.

Here are the goals and objectives for my Robotic Investing investment and trading portfolio:

  1. To grow my investment account to +$2,000,000 by age 55 (2039) through solid investment strategies and consistent periodic contributions to my various savings programs (pension, RRSP, etc).
  2. My goal is to make a 15% annual profit trading common stocks and ETFs while controlling drawdowns without interfering with my day job.

These goals, along with the mission above will guide all of the decisions and actions I take withing my trading and investment portfolio.

Next Steps for the Robotic Investing Trading Plan

That concludes part 1 in this series of posts covering the Robotic Investing Trading Plan.  Stay tuned for Part 2, The Robotic Investing Market Beliefs.  These are the things that I believe to be true about the markets and trading, which will further help refine my approach to achieving my trading mission and goals.

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