Heading to Stockbee Bootcamp

Heading to Stockbee Bootcamp

October 26, 2018 0 By Jeremy


Attending Stockbee Bootcamp

I am sitting here in an airport waiting to fly to New Jersey to attend my first ever Bootcamp put on by Stockbee.  I have been a member of Stockbee on and and off again a few times, and always got a lot out of it.  This however will be the first time doing anything like this live and in person.

What I Hope to Learn

Easyguru as he is called in the member section of the site, is a trader who has spend a great deal of time over the years developing, sharing, and teaching high probability trading setups.  He has a no nonsense approach to teaching aspiring traders.  That means he outlines the setups, what to look for in them, how to scan for them, and then how to trade them.  He doesn’t hold your hand though.

Instead, he expects that his members put in the work to learn the techniques, make them their own, and then put them into practice.   Going to the Bootcamp this weekend is all about me putting in more work to learn from @EG and the other traders, refine my setups, and make more money over the long term.

Based on the plan for the weekend, we are going to cover everything from anticipation trades, breakouts, to strategies for 401k-like accounts (such as defined contribution pension plans with limited investment selection).  I am most excited about learning the ins and out of anticipation swing trades (I don’t day trade as I am a working man!), including trade management.

Stay Tuned for an Update

When I get back I am going to share my progress on this site.  In addition to the regular strategies tracked, I am also going to continue to share trades I make from time to time.  I won’t share all the details of the setups as that would not be fair to Easyguru.  I will however let you know how things are going, including the successful and unsuccessful trades.  Most importantly I will tell you if I am making money.

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