I (Jeremy McNeil) run Robotic Investing and am a passionate investor trying to grow my portfolio as big as I can get before I”retire” in 20 years (maybe earlier).

My investment approach has evolved over the years, starting back in the late 1980’s in mutual funds, progressing to trying my hand at individual stock picking, day trading, and passive investing.

Over the past few years I hve become passionate about using a rules-based approach, all with the goal of removing emotional decisions from mt investment decisions.  All the investment strategies I use involve a systematic and rules-based approach.

Robotic Investing was created as a way to put the research I do into real-world tests.  Partly out of interest, but primarily to see how the portfolios and strategies do in a “real-world” environment.  I hope to learn more about investing through these tests, as well as provide readers with valuable insights on what will make them better investors.

I hope you enjoy this site and that my efforts help you during your research on maximizing your own portfolio value.

Good luck and please reach out with any questions or comments on any of the content on the site.