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Portfolio Performance Updates – December 2019

Rules-Based Strategy Update: December 2019 Sorry things have been quiet on the Robotic Investing blog for a few months.  I have been on assignment in China with my “real” job, and posting on Robotic Investing has been tough to fit it. However, things have settled down now and I can start things up again. However,…

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Update: Accelerating Dual Momentum July 2019

Monthly Update: Accelerating Dual Momentum July 2019 Note: Make sure you read Antonacci’s take on Accelerating Dual Momentum and data mining. The Accelerating Dual Momentum strategy is based on the post from Engineered Portfolios. The system is an adaptation of the Dual Momentum system, but uses a combination of the 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month returns…

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