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Finding Stocks Using Daily Breakout Scans

Finding Stocks Using Daily Breakout Scans Daily breakout scans look for stocks that have broken out of a range that have a higher probability of going higher.  I have a couple of breakout scans I use including a Bollinger Band Breakout and this one I am going to talk about.  I use TC2000 to run…

By Jeremy September 24, 2018 0

My Donchian Daily Breakout System

Donchian Daily Breakout System One of the systems I am testing in my Robotic Investing portfolio is a Donchian Daily Breakout system based on Donchian Channels.  Like my ETF Swing Trading system, I don’t track this as part of the regular systems on this site (here are the ones I do track). The appeal of…

By Jeremy August 17, 2018 0