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How to Market Time like Paul Tudor Jones

How to Market Time like Paul Tudor Jones This post can probably be written entirely based off of Tony Robbin’s interview with legendary hedge fund dude Paul Tudor Jones in the book, Money: Master the Money Game. Here is an excerpt from that book that sums up Paul Tudor Jones’ market timing approach (with some…

By Jeremy July 24, 2018 0

Creating Guppy Charts in TC2000

Investing Tools: Guppy Charts in TC2000 Guppy Charts – or Guppy multiple moving averages – is a charting method developed by Daryl Guppy.  As a technical analyst, Guppy found an interesting way to show both the long-term and the short-term trends on one chart.  I have been using Guppy Charts in TC2000 for a number…

By Jeremy July 15, 2018 0